Head trimming and necking machine

This equipment is used for cutting and necking of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metal circular workpiece. The internal and external circular knife cutting method and spinning forming method are adopted, that is, the workpiece is fixed on the rotary table, and the hydraulic driving die is used for processing, and the required size is achieved after forming. The cutting edge is even and smooth, the appearance is smooth and smooth, and the mechanical properties have no obvious change with the base metal. The machine is equipped with multiple sets of molds, which can flexibly process workpieces of different specifications. The combination of gas and liquid and the perfect combination of electrical appliances make the operation of the equipment more coordinated, accurate and reliable, and more cost-effective. The overall frame structure design is more close to human nature, easy to operate and maintain
The main equipment configuration: 1) the main body of the equipment is welded with square tube steel plate; 2) the main motor drives the center drive part to rotate through the transmission and sprocket; 3) the upper pressure cylinder is supported by the gantry; 4) the cutting station, chamfering station and necking station are installed on the table top of the main body of the equipment; 5) the hydraulic cylinder is used as the power of the trimming station, necking station and upper pressing mechanism; the power of the chamfering station is driven by double servo Provided by server motor. (6) the displacement encoder adjusts the working position of the necking die. (7) the loading rotary swing arm platform is driven by the brake motor to swing the workpiece in and out, (8) the cylinder jack up and place the workpiece, (9) the hydraulic station drives the hydraulic system, and (10) the electrical control system is controlled by PLC.

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